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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Guess the Dungeon #21

Today's map is a building floorplan but can you name the building and the adventure it is taken from?

It took ages to draw, thanks to all those individual chairs and other details.  Whilst drawing it I started thinking about drawing a whole village in this format, with a sheet for each floor of a building, and another one for the rooftop.

Here's my geomorph for today.  I drew one with a sewer at the start of the run and thought it was about time I added one that could connect to it.  There won't be any geomorphs tomorrow, but I'll be back with another pair on Monday.


  1. Is that the Dragon Inn from AC1 I think?

    Love your map. That waterway looks great.

    1. Nope, not the Dragon Inn, although I think AC1 is in my pile so that may come up next week.

  2. I'm getting the next one ready so it's time to reveal the answer.

    It is the Inn of the Welcome Wench taken from T1 Vilage of Hommlet.