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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Guess the Dungeon #1

To promote my Kickstarter for the Pad of Geomorphic Intent, I'm going to post 2 maps on the blog every day until the end of the campaign.  One will be an original dungeon geomorph, whilst the other will be a section taken from a famous/classic dungeon.  Here's the first one:

Can you name the source that this section of dungeon is taken from?

And here's an original map on one of the PoGI sheets:

The Kickstarter has got off to a flying start, and made it's basic goal in the first 24 hours.  The first stretch goal is up, and if reached will unlock a free graphic design pen for backers that pledge for 8 of the pads.


  1. 6 pound for sending it outside the UK? I could almost cross the northsea for that money and get them in person... ;)
    Seriously, that's a lot of postage for the EU, isn't it? I can see that there will be a lot of Americans, though...
    Oh, and of course, watch out for the spiders and the encrusted skeleton has shinies! :)

  2. I did a lot of thinking about the EU postage. In the end I went for a single Overseas rate to keep things simple. If I split the postage down EU postage would still have been £5 and the rest of the world would have been £6.50 or £7 so there's not much in it.

    Overseas postage rates from the UK shot up last year, and there's also the 12% cut that Kickstarter take for fees and VAT. If anyone in Europe wants to purchase a bulk supply for resale at the end of the project, then I'll be happy to discuss it with them.

  3. Oh and well done on spotting which dungeon it was.