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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

New developments in 3D Printing

I haven't looked at 3D printing developments for far too long.  The sub $500 dollar printer that I predicted still seems to be 1-2 years away, which is a little frustrating as the technology is clearly ready, but doesn't seem to have been picked up by any major consumer electronics/computer manufacturers.

The $1,500 Cube 3D printer is the sort of product I was hoping for, but at a far lower price.  However, whilst we wait for the market to produce us a magic $500 miniature making wonder, there are other exciting products being developed that employ 3D printing technology.  The 3Doodler is one such product that is presently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter.  For a pledge of just $75 you can get one of their 3D Drawing Pens.  The pen is essentially a handheld version of a 3D printer head, that lets you draw 3D plastic wire objects.  Check out the video on their project page it's very cool.


  1. Cool news.

    These things are going to completely change our miniature buying in a few years. Companies will sell us plan kit to print our own minis.

    1. Absolutely. Many of them will also have built in 3D scanners too. So if you need a dozen trolls you'd simply have to pop an existing figure in the chamber and then copy them.