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Monday, 11 March 2013

Guess the Dungeon #2

Yesterday's guess the dungeon partial map was taken from the sample dungeon on page 95 of the AD&D DM's Guide.

Here's another partial map from a classic dungeon:

And here's another original dungeon geomorph:

The PoGI Kickstarter has had a good day today and has just made it to the first stretch goal.  That unlocks a free graphic design pen  for the majority of backers (nearly all the pledges are at the 8 pad level that the stretch goal applies to).


  1. Tomb of Horrors! I like the accents of your crosshatching.

    1. Well done Tim. I think that was a pretty easy one. I'm really pleased with the crosshatching. It's very basic compared to what you find on maps by Dyson Logos or Matt Jackson, but it does the job.