Saturday 14 August 2021

The Black Hack 2nd Ed Reprint

The Kickstarter to fund a reprint of The Black Hack Second Edition hard cover rule books is now live. The project will allow us to print lovely, offset copies of the book with stitched binding and a black ribbon bookmark. Backers will not only save money on the retail price of the books, but they will also get a set of bonus booklets with their rewards.

Back at the basic hard cover level (£18) and you get a copy of the A5 124 page hard cover book, A7 16 page Arcane Spells booklet, A7 16 page Divine Prayers booklet, A6 20 page Lore booklet for writing notes/rules, A6 20 page Locales booklet for drawing maps and 2 double-sided, laminated Quick Ref cards.

There are higher level reward options too including a Boxed Set. And, for anyone that already has The Black Hack in print there's a low cost (£3) reward with just the 2 new booklets and the Quick ref cards.

You can find the project here: