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Friday, 8 March 2013

Pad of Geomorphic Intent on Kickstarter

I've just launched a new Kickstarter project - Pad of Geomorphic Intent (PoGI).  The pads will be A7 (74x105mm) sized and will be litho printed with a light grey 7mm grid (giving 10x14 squares per sheet).  The pads will each have 50 sheets glued along the top edge and attached to a backing card.  Here's a link to the project page:


Whilst it is easy enough to cut geomorphs from regular squared paper using a PoGI is far more convenient.  Drawing on these pads is also greatly enhanced because they have 7mm squares rather than the standard 5mm found in most Letter/A4 sized pads of squared paper.  The photo below shows the same geomorph drawn using a PoGI sheet with 7mm squares (left) compared to a sheet with 5mm squares (right).

From tomorrow I will be posting daily Geomorphs and sections from classic dungeons to promote the project.

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