Tuesday 31 August 2010

Weretiger Spotted in British Zoo

Saw this picture in the paper this morning and instantly thought Weretiger.  It's actually a Siberian tiger which, according to the notes in the paper, is the largest species of tiger, weighing up to 670 pounds and measuring 11 feet from nose to tail.  Sadly, it also mentions that there are thought to be as few as 450 of them still living in the wild, mainly in eastern Russia's birch forests.  When they can't get adventurers they are partial to eating bears!

Monday 30 August 2010

Issue 4 Update

After a couple of months off, I've now started putting together Issue 4 which should be out mid to late September. As usual I'll post a contents list one week before publication.

My future plan for Oubliette is to publish it Bi-monthly or Quarterly to allow a bit of time between issues to work on some new projects.

Saturday 28 August 2010


It's been an invigorating Summer to say the least. I'm very glad to be back, preparing now for Oubliette Issue 4. As usual, I am screaming things like "WHAT? I CAN'T DRAW THAT!" whilst composing the picture in my head, discarding and recomposing to my satisfaction.

My table is awash with pencillings, some completely unnecessary. One is of an Enchantress. Technically, she's correctly drawn, but there's something massively disturbing about her. What is wrong with me? Why must kink work its way into things drawn with an intent so pure?

I may have to work her into Issue 5.

I will have to wait until Peter says "Definitely not! NO. Nonononononononononono. Really, No!" to post a drawing, so stand by, he tends to say that a lot on the way to the finished article.

Anyway, must get back to it. So glad to be back.

Thursday 19 August 2010

More on Miniatures

I think summer must be the best time to shop for miniatures on ebay.  Judging by the prices some lots go for, there's just no real demand.  I've added several hundred to my collection, at an average cost of about 20p a figure (about 10% of the retail price).  What's more, many of them are painted to a reasonable standard.

I've found that the best value can be had from buying up large Warhammer collections (their Lord of the Rings range seems to be very much out of fashion at the moment).  Although, now I probably have too many of certain types, in addition to my original, unpainted collection.  However, it feels prudent to hold off selling the extras until September, when schools and colleges start back, as I'm pretty sure the demand for miniatures will pick up by then.