Thursday 25 September 2014

Pencil +1 New Magic Item

Little is known about the origins of these strange artifacts. They appear as normal writing instruments, apart from the fact that they are entirely black. Even the wood they are turned from is black to the core.
These are actually one of the Stretch Goals that has unlocked from my Gamer's Notebook Kickstarter campaign.
At £1,800 I will set my Dark Elves the task of producing hundreds of these magic pencils. Each will be marked to avoid getting them mixed up with lesser writing devices. The pencils will be finished in matt black paint and have black lead, a black eraser and a black metal ferrule. I considered printing on them in black as well, but that is a bit too Spinal Tap. Therefore, Pencil +1 will be printed on them in red or orange. 

Backers pledging for 2 or 3 pads will get 1 pencil added to their reward free of charge. 
Backers pledging for 5+ pads or a Bag/Box of Tricks will get 2 pencils added to their reward free of charge.

Tuesday 23 September 2014

Gamer's Notebook Campaign is Live!

I've just launched my new campaign to fund a print run of custom designed, hardback notebooks for gamers.

The notebooks will be a compact A6 size (105mm x 148mm) with wiro-binding, thick recycled card covers, and 50 sheets of custom printed paper.

The sheets in the notebooks will be litho-printed in grey on both sides. One side will have a 6mm grid, and the other side will have lines for notes. This will make them an ideal tool for writing game notes and ideas wherever you may be. The notebooks would also make perfect campaign diaries, in which players can collate maps and other essential notes as a game progresses.
The front covers of the notebooks will be left blank allowing you to write your name, campaign title, etc. The back cover will have a logo printed on it at the bottom.

These notebooks would make great Christmas gifts for your gaming friends, and if you opt for a pack of 10, they work out at just £2 each including UK delivery.

Wednesday 17 September 2014

25% off Savage Worlds Charcater Sheets

Until the end of September I'm offering a 25% discount on all Savage Worlds Character Sheet Pads, Cards, and the Explorer Edition Rulebook.

The products included are:

Savage Worlds A5 Character Sheet Pad
Normally £1.90 Price with discount £1.43

Savage Worlds Character Sheet Pad (pack of 4 pads)

Normally £5.90 Price with discount £4.43

Normally £1.90 Price with discount £1.43

Normally £6.90 Price with discount £5.18

To get these prices simply enter the code SavageSeptember (the box for entering the code appears after you sign into Paypal, it applies the discount and then sends you back to the site to confirm the order).

This Saturday Squarehex will have a stand at Dragondaze in Newport. If you mention this offer I'll honour the discount at the show. The mini Savage Worlds Character Sheet Cards are always popular at shows, but they can be difficult to spot on the stand. To help highlight them I've made a super-sized A3 version.