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Monday, 21 March 2011

New Monster Book Project

In addition to Oubliette, I've been toying with tackling a couple of other OSR projects.  The first of these is a Monster Book for Labyrinth Lord.  I'm planning to produce a 200 page, QC sized book (7.4" wide by 9.7" tall), containing 500 or so monsters.  I want the book to be a low-cost publication, suitable for use as a workhorse reference at the gaming table.

As a base, it will include all the monsters from the Labyrinth Lord and Advanced Edition Companion volumes.  I intend to add other popular monsters, provided that they are open content.  I will also consider other monsters which are not open content, converting/renaming them to avoid any IP issues.  Every monster will have an illustration and, where possible, I will expand descriptions to include more detail.

As part of the development process, I will post stat blocks and descriptions for each entry as I produce them.  Your feedback, corrections or suggestions on the monsters selected/ommitted will be most welcome.


  1. Sorry I'm late to the table here, but WHAT A GREAT IDEA! I will have to thumb through the Fiend Folio to look for a few favorites to suggest. . . .

    I would also suggest using the "Dimetrodon" stat block found in X1 Isle of Dread.

  2. Thanks Carter. I just took a look at the stat blocks in the back of X1. I have to agree they list things in a far more logical order than the other monster books/modules I've looked at. However, I'd be worried about making the blocks look less familiar for people used to using the LL books.