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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Monster Book: Ankheg

Here's the next A monster in the book:


NO. ENC.:  1d6 (1d6)
MOVEMENT:  120’ (40’)
HIT DICE:  3-8
ATTACKS:  1 (bite)
DAMAGE:  3d6, +1d4
XP:  80-2,800
AVG. HP:  27 (6HD)

Ankhegs are montrous, insect-like creatures that measure 10-20 feet long, and can be up to 800 pounds in weight.  They have six legs, huge mandibles, a chitinous shell, and large black eyes.  Their shells and legs vary from yellow ochre to earthy brown colours, and their undersides are a fleshy pink.

Ankhegs are omnivores with a taste for fresh meat.  They spend most of their time underground, and burrow through earth using their legs and mandibles.  When burrowing, they are able to move at half their normal ground speed.  Their tunnel complexes vary in length, but tunnels will normally be around 5 feet in height and may descend 40 feet below the surface.  Ankhegs favour areas with rich soil and plentiful prey, and will often be found in forests, or near farmlands with cattle.

An ankheg usually lies 5-10 feet below the surface until its antennae detect the approach of prey.  Over normal terrain, it can pick up the surface movements of man-sized creatures up to 300 feet away.  It will wait until the prey is almost directly above it before burrowing up to attack.  In addition to bite damage, the ankheg has acidic, digestive saliva that inflicts an additional 1d4 damage each round.  If desperate, an ankheg can produce an acid spray once per day that inflicts 8d4 damage, but this uses up the acidic saliva for a 24-hour period.

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