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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Dungeon Salvage Project

Over the last few months, I've had a good sort through my old gaming collection, and also taken the opportunity to snag a few bits and pieces from eBay. Some of these items are games that hold no interest for me as games, but are crammed full of good things that may be harvested, and bent to the will of the OSR gamer.

First up is Parker's 2003 Dungeons & Dragons: The Fantasy Adventure Board Game.  If released today, this could easily retail at $60.  On eBay they appear for next to nothing. In fact, I picked up my copy from a local seller for 99 pennies, as no one else bid for it.

Ignoring the rules, the character sheets, and most of the cards, the rest of the contents have real potential for using in a regular game of D&D.

Here's what you get:
  • 5 double-sided, full-colour card gameboard tiles
  • 3 slot together trees
  • 6 slot together columns
  • 100 small red counters
  • A selection of counters to represent: slimes, chests, doors, and runes
  • A selection of cards with magic items and traps that reworked for other games
Plus a good selection of plastic minis (all about 25/28mm scale). My box came with an additional set of painted versions of the adventurers, which was a nice bonus.
  • 4 adventurers
  • 6 goblins
  • 1 lich
  • 2 wights
  • 3 ghosts
  • 6 skeletons
  • 2 carrion crawlers
  • 3 trolls
  • 5 gnolls
  • 4 bugbears
  • 4 ogres

The game itself might be okay, but I think I'd rather stick to Carcasonne.


  1. Really! I sold mine - and one of the expansion packs - for well over £60 (plus P&P) about a year ago - it was the subject of a fierce bidding war between buyers from all over the world!

    I had bought them from The Works...

  2. I think the expansion packs are quite rare, and generate a lot more interest than the game on its own. I just checked completed sales on ebay again, and there was one for 99p, a few at around the £5 mark, and then they go all the way up to nearly £40 for one with the expansions.