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Monday, 14 March 2011

Dragon Warriors less than Half Price Sale!

I had a great day of gaming on Saturday, and central to it was the Dragon Warriors adventure which features in the hardback edition of the main rulebook.  Our group also welcomed back another old player from 25 years ago, so it was all the more fitting to play a game that we hadn't played since the 80's.

Our interest is Dragon Warriors has been largely rekindled thanks to Mongoose offering huge discounts on their edition of the rulebook and supplements.  The hardback rulebook is on offer for just $17.99/£12.99, or you can get a bundle with an additional 6 supplements for $79.99/£49.99

Main Rulebook Link
Bundle Link

Mongoose are selling off all their stock, at what must be fairly close to cost price, as their license for the game is about to expire.  A new company will picking them up though, so the game will continue to be supported with existing and new material.  I may also start to include some Dragon Warriors features in future issues of Oubliette.

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