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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Issue 5 Now Available for FREE Download!

Issue 5 of Oubliette is now available for FREE download from Here's a link straight to the page for it:
Oubliette Issue 5

As a thank-you to everyone who has supported the magazine by buying it, reviewing it, and generally offering encouragement, Issue 5 will be available for free download from until the end of March.

Here's the full contents:
• Tales from Hell – Words of Wisdom from the Soothsayer
• Monster Club #8 – The Monstermark System for Labyrinth Lord
• The Vampire – 12 Pages of Alternative Rules for Creating Labyrinth Lord Vampires
• Good Shop/Bad Shop – Mad Varto's
• What's on the Battlemat? – Dungeon in a Box
• PC for PCs – A Very un-PC Approach to Dealing with Paladins
• What's in the Oubliette? – A Selection of Gaming and Other Reviews
• Mouse Watch – Our Heroes Enter a Storytelling Contest
• The Song of Sithakk – Part 5 of our Serialized Story
• Plus Bonus Material comprising: Cleric Spell Cards for Labyrinth Lord, a Blank Vampire Record Sheet, and a Blank Template for Dungeon in a Box

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