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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

B/X Monster Reference Index Sources

My Monster Index Kickstarter had a great first 24 hours and has now passed double the initial goal amount. Today I wanted to explain the approach I've followed for selecting monsters to include in the index. My main collection of books with monsters looks like this:

For the index I've used the 300ish monsters in the two Labyrinth Lord books as a base. I've then worked through my copy of Tome of Horrors Complete adding all the monsters from it that also appear in any of the First Edition monster books. The end result is list of just over 500 monsters. Ideally they should cover 90%+ of all the B/X and 1st Edition Monsters that are easily identified as Open Content. I've resisted adding some animals, and limited the dinosaur entries to those found in the Labyrinth Lord books.

The index will include a reference to show which book one should look at for the full entry of a monster.

  • L1 = Labyrinth Lord
  • L2 = Labyrinth Lord Advanced Edition Companion
  • M1 = 1st Edition AD&D Monster Manual
  • M2 = 1st Edition AD&D Monster Manual 2
  • FF = 1st Edition AD&D Fiend Folio
  • CC = D&D Creature Catalog
  • TH = Tome of Horrors Complete Swords & Wizardy Edition

From tomorrow, I'll start posting lists of monsters by letter with a view to getting through them all before the end of the campaign. I'll add a link here from the Kickstarter main page and post links in the Kicstarter comments to the lists of monsters here as I post them.

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