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Monday, 24 March 2014

Mini-Megadungeon Map

Here is another new map that I've drawn to support my Dungeon Mapping Pads Kickstarter. This one is drawn on a sheet of A5 paper with a 3.5mm grid. It's part of a Megadungeon level designed to illustrate the usefulness of have paper with differing grid sizes.  I've also drawn the map split into quadrants, on 4 A5 sheets with a 7mm grid.

All the maps are completely hand-drawn with a pencil and a couple of black fineliners. The second image shows a scan of the first image. I corrected a couple of small mistakes, applied the cartoon filter in GIMP and used a grey fill for solid areas.

The Kickstarter project has now passed its first stretch goal. This means all the sheets in the pads will be double-sided, with a 7mm grid on the front and a 3.5mm grid on the back. Here's a link to the project page: