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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Lichway Map and Kickstarter Progress

I'm nearly ready to launch my next Kickstarter. This time I hope to print pads of A4 and A5 grid paper to compliment the existing A3 and A7 pads. The paper will have the same litho printed, light grey, 7mm grid as the other pads. However, this time the stretch goals will hopefully upgrade the paper and allow a 3.5mm grid to be printed on the reverse. If this can be achieved then I think the pads will offer the very best blank canvas for creating a dungeon map one could ask for. A preview of the campaign may be found here:

As usual with these campaigns I like to draw some maps to go with them. The first one that I'm working on is a map of Albie Fiore's classic adventure The Lichway. I bought a copy of Best of White Dwarf Scenarios I last year for the sole purpose of getting a nice print copy of this adventure. However, such was the popularity of the dungeon that the magazine arrived with The Lichway pages carefully cut out - it clearly now resides in some ageing DM's folder somewhere. Not to be outdone I decided that I would make my own Lichway map.

Below is my hand-drawn map which is drawn on an A4 sheet of 3.5mm grid paper (I cut down an A3 pad and added extra lines by hand to the existing 7mm grid). This gives a pretty good idea of what the reverse side of the new pads will be good for. The second image is a work in progress look at the map. It still needs lots of work on the computer but it should be done in the next few days.


  1. Bloody hell, I remember this one! A lot of fun for lower-level characters, I recall DMing it back in 1983.

    Watch out for the sussurus!

  2. I ran the Lichway using The Fantasy Trip. It's still a favourite.