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Friday, 28 March 2014

Bodiam Castle Plan

This is a plan of Bodiam Castle in East Sussex.  Marg drew it for me using a couple of existing plans I found on the web for reference.  Having a drawing of it is handy, as it can be scanned at a high resolution and printed out (on several sheets of paper) at a scale for using with miniatures. 

It is drawn on an A5 sheet of paper with a 7mm grid.  Pads of the very same paper, along with larger A4 ones are available via my Kickstarter project.



  1. Love Bodiam Castle. I'm lucky where I live, (in a town with its own castle) in West Kent, to be within easy driving distance of a lot of inspirational Medieval castles.

    1. I've got Kirby Muxloe Castle a couple of miles from me, and Ashby Castle about 10 miles or so. Nothing as grand as Bodiam though.