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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Kickstarter #6 Imminent

The Pad of Hexagonal Content Kickstarter is done and backers have just started receiving their rewards.  Here's a photo of the finished pads.

For my next Kickstarter I will be printing some A4 hex pads with numbered, larger (14mm high) hexes.  The campaign has been approved by Kickstarter and is almost ready to launch.  The one thing I'm still undecided on is whether to print the pads portrait or landscape.  The default format I've created is portrait which gives 15 hexes across by 20 down.  If I switch to landscape they would be 22 hexes across by 15 down.  Has anybody got any thoughts or preferences?


  1. I'd prefer landscape since I would be using them for overland maps and they always look better in landscape :-) Oh, and we get 30 bonus hexes for free!!!

  2. As you need 21 hexes wide by 15 high to detail a Super Hex from PoHC I'll vote for landscape too.

  3. There's not much in it (when I add in the comments from Google+ and Kickstarter) but landscape seems to be the people's choice. However, I've now got quotes in for double-sided printing on heavier paper. So the first (and probably only) Stretch Goal will be to increase the paper weight from 80gsm to 100gsm and to print portrait hexes on the back.

  4. I'd think that landscape would be ideal, it'd work better maps and make more sense when looking upon it.

  5. Quick update on this. I've now got quotes for printing on both sides and increasing the paper weight from 80gsm to 100gsm (to reduce show through). The prices are well within reach, so I'll launch the project as a landscape pad and add double-sided printing (portrait on the reverse) as a stretch goal. Should be ready to launch tomorrow once I've tweaked the campaign to include this.

    Thank you for all the comments and ideas everyone.