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Saturday, 14 December 2013

I'm a man with exceedingly good character...


Here's my latest creation.

A business card-sized B/X character sheet card. They measure just 85x55mm, yet still have room for the essential character details. I originally designed these as an extra item for an Oubliette PDF, but always intended to get some printed up. They have been professionally printed on sturdy matt card. You can buy them (£1.90 for a pack of 50) from my webstore:

As an added bonus all orders placed by 31st December can enjoy a 10% discount by adding the code: kick5 at the checkout.

You'll also find the rest of my character sheet pads on there.


  1. Very nice. Any chance we can add some of these on to our kickstarter pledges for the hex pads? Save a bit on postage.

    1. Glad you like 'em. I don't want to offer add-ons to the campaign as it's difficult to manage after the campaign without authoring some sort of pledge manager. However, to make it easier to order a pack or two of these on their own, I've put them on ebay here:
      The listing is good for 30 days.

    2. Brilliant. Just ordered a couple of packs. Cheers.