Sunday 8 December 2013

A4 Numbered Hex Pad Kickstarter is Live

I've just launched a new Kickstarter project to fund a print run of A4 sized, numbered hex paper pads. The sheets will be litho printed with light grey (cool grey 5) 14mm tall hexes in a landscape format (giving 23 x 14 hexes per sheet). The pads will each have 25 sheets glued along one edge and be attached to a backing card. Here's a link to the project page:

A4 Landscape Hex Sheet


  1. You should Kickstart for a living. Nobody's better than you at it.

    1. Thanks. My gaming stuff has gone from being a small hobby business that made a couple of hundred pounds a year, to a nice little part-time business. There's not any real profit yet as I have to pay for a storage unit and site fees but there's certainly potential in it. I'm not sure if it could ever be a full-time thing but it's not inconceivable.