Sunday 26 May 2013

UK Games Expo Round-up

We had a great weekend at the UK Games Expo.  Having attended the show as visitors for the the last two years, we decided to put together a stand for the 2013 show.  During the last two days, we have chatted to some of our Kickstarter backers, OSR fans and lots of other gamers which was both enjoyable and illuminating.  We also made a profit which was gratifying.  We will almost certainly be back next year.  Our best-selling items were our own PoGI pads, the Random Dungeon posters and the Labyrinth Lord books.

Our stand was next to Leisure Games, which was handy as they are one of the major retailers at the show.  On the other side of us were Grublin Games who are running a Kickstarter for a very cool boardgame - Cornish Smugglerwhich we've backed.  LotFP had a stand just across from us, and Jim said he'd had a good show (his Pay-What-You-Like Pricing Policy was rewarded by honest Gamers offering decent payment).  Otherwise there wasn't much old school gaming, although Chronicle City did have print copies of Dungeonslayers on their stand.

Here below are the pictures we took:  A shot of our stand.  A photo of Grublin Games's Henry and Jeremy - two great lads of a team of three who were also excellent neighbours during the show.  And a photo of Jim and his wife at their LotFP stand.  All in all, a great weekend.

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