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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Squarehex Launch FREE Fridge Magnets

I've now added the new A3 and A5 pads to the Squarehex webstore.  Also just in today, are some fun Fridge Magnet versions of our Symbol Card.

For a limited time, every order large or small will get a FREE fridge magnet and a FREE Pocket Guide to Geomorphs PocketMod.  Every order also comes with a FREE standard Symbol Card but that will be ongoing after the launch promotion.  If you want extra cards or guides they can all be bought on the site.

The new pads in the store are:
There are also a couple of bundle deals containing the new pads:
  • Bundle1 contains: 1 A3 Grid pad, 1 A3 Hex pad and 1 A5 Hex pad. It costs £7.90 which gives a saving of almost 20% against the individual selling prices.
  • Bundle2 (pictured below) contains 2 A3 Grid pads, 2 A3 Hex pads, 2 A5 Hex pads, 4 PoGI pads and a Plastic Card Ruler. It costs £16.90 which gives a saving of over 20% against the individual selling prices.


  1. lol love the black knight comparison.

    1. He's been the guardian of our fridge door for many years.