Friday 10 May 2013

PoGI Kickstarter Delivered on Time!

All the rewards for the PoGI Kickstarter have now been posted.  Going by my schedule I actually finished a day early.   I've already had some great feedback from backers that received their pads today.
I'm now going to start work on getting the website ready for launch.  I've ordered small test print runs of A3 hex and grid pads, and A5 hex pads, which I intend to release for sale on the site as soon as they are delivered.
In two weeks time, I shall be at the UK Games Expo in Birmingham (Stand P39 in the Palace Suite).  I'll have a healthy stock of pads, copies of Oubliette and a few other OSR gaming bits for sale.  If any readers/backers are attending the show, please drop by and say hello.
As one Kickstarter Campaign closes, it's time for another to begin.  Here's a preview link to my Officially Licensed Savage Worlds Character Sheet Pad Project.  Starts tonight at 8pm.
Last but not least, I'll be cracking on with Oubliette Issue 9.

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