Monday 6 May 2013

Playing with Hex Paper Pads

While I'm waiting for my PoGI order to be printed (should be ready to collect tomorrow afternoon), I've been playing with a few designs for hex paper pads.  I'm planning to order a couple of small test print runs for some A3 and A5 pads.  The will both have 7mm tall, horizontally-arranged hexes, printed in light grey.  The A5 pad will also have a 15x15 super hex printed on it.  The centre hex will be marked for convenience and the bottom third of the page will be lined for adding notes.

Here's how they look:


  1. The pads will have 30 sheets each, plus a card backboard. They will be glued along the top edge.

    Not sure on final pricing yet but I think it's likely to be £1.20 for the A5, and £4.00 for the A3 plus postage.

  2. I like the A5 one with the lined area at the bottom for notes. It's perfect for detailing hexes on a larger map.

  3. A3 hex paper is something that I'd be really interested in. A4 is just not big enough for world and wilderness. How difficult would it be to have numbered hexes?

    1. This print run will just be plain hexes, but I really want to do a numbered hex pad too. I think the hexes might need to bigger (maybe 10/12/14mm high) to make the numbers easy enough to read. Once the Savage Worlds Kickstarter is finished I'm hoping to run a big printed pads campaign with lots of formats and sizes.