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Friday, 8 February 2013

Fight Club 2.0

I really miss Daddy Grognard's Saturday Night Fight Club so for fun, I've decided to run a one-off variation of it tomorrow.  Using no more than a pocket calculator and some Monstermark style mathematics, I will demonstrate the most likely outcome of the following encounter:

A pair of 14th level fighters enter a large cavern.  Before them they see a hungry-looking purple worm, and they charge to attack it.  The first fighter, Hedun, takes the mouth end of the worm.  The second fighter, Taylor, takes on the tail end.

  • Standard B/X Labyrinth Lord rules apply.
  • Everything has average hit points.
  • Both fighters are AC2 (plate and shield).
  • Both fighters are armed with non-magical long swords (1d8 damage).
  • All hits do average damage (long sword does 4.5).
  • The purple worm doesn't manage to swallow anyone.
  • All combatants attack simultaneously each round.
Basic stats are as follows:

Purple Worm  HD15  HP68  AC6  Bite2-16(avg 9)damage  Sting 1-8(avg4.5)damage

Hedun  14th Level Fighter  HP51  AC2  Long Sword 1-8(avg4.5)damage

Taylor  14th Level Fighter  HP51  AC2  Long Sword 1-8(avg4.5)damage

I'll reveal the outcome tomorrow.  Anybody care to take a stab at who will die and in which rounds of the combat?

Photo by Otherworld Miniatures


  1. Replies
    1. Cheers. I'll do it with the averages first, and then do a couple of goes with dice.

    2. The dice are where it gets fun. My d20 of Doom felled many a previously-thought sure thing.

  2. Yes, looking forward to it too, I like that you are using MonsterMark as a baseline for the experiment.