Monday 4 February 2013

I Parked the Car on Richard III

I've got a special interest in the Battle of Bosworth field, as I live just a few miles down the road.  I like the idea that over 500 years ago, troops were possibly tramping through our garden on the eve of the battle.  Based on today's discovery I think there's also a chance that I've parked my car just a few feet above the remains of Richard III.

The University of Leicester have this morning confirmed that the remains found buried in Leicester carpark do indeed belong to Richard III.  Here's a link to the University's page with details of this extraordinary discovery.


  1. I got rather irate with the BBC's decision to cut from the coverage of this to some non-news about a politician pleading guilty to a crime (hardly world-shattering and it certainly could have waited). Still, I'll be checking out the C4 documentary tonight as they'll be doing a facial reconstruction from the skull which should be interesting to compare with the portrait.

  2. Yes that was a very bad call by the BBC. They could have just as easily put the Chris Huhne story on as breaking news along the bottom of the screen. Luckily Radio Leicester were broadcasting the press conference live too, so we switched to them to hear the rest of it. From what I gleaned this morning, it sounded like a couple of halberd blows to the head was what finished him. Then he sustained multiple blows post mortem.

  3. aye I too have parked on Dickie a time or two as well it seems

    Glad to see the old fella get found, have they said where he is going to be reburied?



    1. He will be reburied at Leicester Cathederal.

      There's also a special exhibition about Richard III which opens at the Guildhall in Leicester on 8th Feb.

    2. Cheers Peter, I will be taking my daughter along as she has got very excited about this since hearing about it on the news