Friday 22 February 2013

Lines and Lines and Lines

Tenkar posted about map making yesterday and I got thinking about the paper I use for maps.  Nearly all my maps start on squared paper with a pencil.  And nearly all of that paper has 5mm squares.  However, I have a few sheets left in pad with 7.5mm squares and I find that's the perfect grid for my drafts.  I must have bought the pad years ago, and I wish I'd bought a dozen of them as 7.5mm doesn't seem to be a widely available size.

I've got a couple of ideas for printing projects with squared paper that I might try on Kickstarter when my current project (character sheets) is completed.  In the meantime, my favourite site for generating custom squared paper to print at home is:

7.5mm (left) vs 5mm (right)

And here's some words of wisdom about maps from Tubbs:  Edward and Tubbs - Lines


  1. i, for one, certainly hope you go forward with printing squared paper for mapping! i often mess around with different graph papers as well, and while i'm able to print it myself, i'd pay good money to be able to just buy whole pads in different sizes. perhaps you could find it in your heart to experiment with hexes as well...?

    1. If I get on well with the print job I've just given to the printers, then I'm hoping to do the graph paper pads next starting with a very small test project on Kickstarter next month. I'll post details on the blog as soon as it starts.