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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

The Pre-strike Poison Percentage

I've been editing a short article for Oubliette #9 today.  It looks at the percentage chance of a character being killed by a venomous creature in the first round of an encounter, before the character has a chance to take any actions.  I call this the Pre-strike Poison Percentage.

For example, if a 6th level fighter (AC1) opens a door to find an angry pit viper waiting for him, there is an 11% chance that the snake will deliver a poison attack which will prove lethal to the fighter.  And that is before the fighter gets a chance to attack, close the door, run away, or take any other action.  If we make it a pair of vipers, then the likelihood of death for the fighter doubles.

This article for Oubliette is just a bit of fun really, but it serves as a good warning to all players: to take extra care if there's a chance of running into a fight with anything poisonous.  Even a 15th level fighter (AC -2) has a 0.5% chance of being killed the instant he encounters a solitary (1-4 hit point) giant bee.  In our own Stonehell this means that that as soon as my cleric gets to 7th level, his top priority is to pray for neutralize poison as his solitary 4th level spell.

Be careful out there and mind you don't get bitten.

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  1. This article should prove an interesting read for the crowd that believes Saving Throws are only for poor player decisions.

    Can't wait for next issue!