Thursday 9 September 2010

The OSR in Numbers

As a fairly new publisher to the OSR, I'm keen to gauge the size of the potential market to help plan print runs for future products. I've gathered together a small set of figures and thought these might prove useful to others. If anyone has any more figures to add please do so, provided that the publishers are happy for the information to be made public.

70    Sales required for a Hot Copper Pick badge at
110  Oubliette PDF sales Issue 1
142  Underdark Gazette blog followers
150  Dark Dungeons print sales*
335  Majestic Wilderlands sales*
620  LOTFP Boxed Set print run
624  Grognardia blog followers
627  Oubliette AEC Character Sheet downloads
701  Goblinoid Games forum members
5000 Dark Dungeons free downloads*

*15th Sept figures for these added from here

As a fun comparison, here are some historic sales figures obtained from here all except for White Dwarf, which was taken from Wikipedia.

1,000  OD&D 1st print run
4,000  White Dwarf Issue 1 print run June 1977
5,000  Dragon Issue 4 print run December 1976
200,000  Sales for the most popular modules
1,000,000  D&D Boxed Set sales in 1989


  1. Added some more sales data. I'll keep updating this as I find more information.