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Thursday, 2 September 2010

Fear of the Dark

Last night, the family spent some of the evening sitting out in the garden.  As the light started to fade, we lit some torches and lanterns and continued to enjoy the evening until just after dark, when it got too cold.  Before we came in, I did a last 'patrol' of the garden with my four year old daughter.  We know an owl lives in the garden and we're pretty sure there are some foxes, but we didn't find them on this occasion.

What struck me, was how little light the largest lantern gave us.  I was reminded of my group's last Stonehell game, where the only light source is a single lantern on a pole.  In reality, a group of explorers would carry a massive amount of light into such an environment.  I scribbled some notes last year on light in dungeons and plan to use them in an future article.  In short, I think light is one of the most important considerations for a party venturing underground.

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