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Thursday, 23 April 2015

Oubliette 9 Sales Update

This is just a quick sales update.

The PDF sales were very strong for the first couple of days. Then they slowed down pretty much as one would expect, but encouragingly, not before earning a Popular Copper Pick badge. The launch price is good for another 7 days so if you want a copy get one sooner rather than later.

Print sales are also good, and I'm now just into my second box of 250 copies. The lion's share of the first box has gone to Mythoard, but that a good thing, as it's a great way to get lots of copies to people across the pond.

If you want a print copy the details are here.

The best news is that if I add all the above sales to the higher than usual sales of back issues I'm experiencing, Oubliette 9 has already passed it's break even point. That means I can roll the initial cash investment forward, and put it into a similar-sized print-run for Issue 10.


  1. received issue 9 in the mail today thanks.. I did leave a message for you re 6.5 as well.. seems that you didn't get?

    1. Just saw your comment and went back and checked the previous one that I'd missed. I still have a few copies of 6.5 left. They can be ordered here: