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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Dungeon Desk Pad Sample Map 2

The Crypts of the Undercity

This is another sample sheet I've drawn to illustrate uses for sheets from my Dungeon Desk Pad Kickstarter.

As the pads are A3 they don't fit on my scanner, but with the sides folded back they are just the right size for scanning. I've included a photo of the whole sheet along with a scan of the map portion. I've also added a scan of the previous map that I first posted a couple of days ago.

The Kickstarter is now entering its middle phase as do most projects. However, it is a short campaign (14 days) so I'm confident that it will gather momentum as it enters the last few days. It is currently just £100 away from the next Stretch Goal, so that has a good chance of being reached in the next 24 hours

Scan of the previous map

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