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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Dungeon Desk Pad Sample Map 1

I've drawn a few sample maps to support my Dungeon Desk Pad Kickstarter. The first one shows the Market District of the the Town of Sampleford. I've only had time to write headings for the text blocks but they give a general idea of how the sheets might be used. The large left and right columns are used to describe locations of interest on the map. Then the 3 smaller columns under the map are used for a random encounter table, a rumor table, and one is left empty for notes.

I'll put another map up in the next day or two (probably a dungeon one).

The Kickstarter campaign is going very well. In just over 2 days, it has blazed through its funding goal and the first 2 stretch goals. This means that for no extra cost, the pads have been substantially upgraded with heavier paper. If we can hit the third Stretch Goal, they get smoother, whiter paper stock as standard too.

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