Tuesday 4 June 2013

SW Mini-Character Sheet Test Prints

I got a welcome surprise today when my test print box of Mini-Character Sheet Cards turned up. I was hoping to get them by the weekend, but I only ordered them last Thursday so they were very quick. 
The main reason for doing a test print run of these is to check that everything fits on the card. The design really pushes the available "safe" print area on the card. Thankfully, nothing was cropped, so I'm happy to place an order for how ever many thousands of them the project needs. As I type theres just under 5 days left and we're only £30 off the Stretch Goal that unlocks the cards.
The card in the photo below features my current character who is part of a contemporary campaign (Warriors of Northwest Leicestershire 1978/2008) set in a post apocalyptic version of my gaming group's local area.

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