Saturday 15 June 2013

Free RPG Day in the UK

There isn't a retailer close enough to where I live to be my regular FLGS (Friendly Local Gaming Store).  However, as it's Free RPG day I took a drive down to to Escape Games in Coventry.  Their store is somewhat hidden above a Health Food store which you have to walk through to get access.  That almost certainly means they get zero passing trade.  However, because they put down some money to take part in Free RPG Day I now know about them and how to find them.

If I lived locally I'd be very happy to spend long hours in there every other Saturday running games.  I'd be delighted if a similar shop opened in Leicester (if one exists please let me know), but given the difficulties that all retailers in the UK face I can't see it happening unless a local gamer has a very big lottery win.

Of the Free RPG goodies I got the LotFP, DCC and Swords and Wizardry adventures.  They all look great, but I think LotFP wins the day for giving away a book that probably has more content in it than all the other Free RPG day products put together.


  1. bugger didn't know anywhere local'ish was joining in on free RPG day

    Am a tad jealous now that you have got the swag :)

  2. forgot to mention Tabletop tyrants in Leicester have gaming tables to use - they mainly focus on warhammer et al, but do accommodate RPG's as well

    1. I bought some paint from Tabletop Tyrants last year. I thought it was a bit sad that Leicester's only alternative games shop to Games Workshop was stocking a range that was 90% Games Workshop stuff. I'll maybe give them another try it might be fun to see what reaction some Basic D&D gets on one of their game nights.