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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Last Few Hours of the PoGI Kickstarter

As I type this there's just 3 hours left until the end of Pad of Geomorphic Intent Kickstarter.  The seventh stretch goal has now been met and funding is sitting at £2,348 which towers above the original £150 goal.  The picture below shows what backers get at the 8 pad level, which costs just £5 for UK backers, and £11 for Overseas backers.  The bottom image shows the add-ons that are available to backers.


  1. A massive hooray and well done. I didn't back as I have more than enough of everything! Such a nice neat idea - a deserved success.

    1. Thanks zhu. At the moment I love all things graph paper related. I'm sure in another month's time the very sight of a square on paper will give me a headache. Then it will be time to switch to hex paper.