Thursday 31 January 2013

New Oubliette Rewards Added

I've added a couple of new pledge options at £10 and £12 to the Character Sheet Kickstarter Campaign.  These get backers the same reward as the £7 pledge (2 pads of Advanced sheets and, if we hit the stretch goal, 1 pad of Basic OSR sheets), but they also include PDF back issues of Oubliette.

The £10 pledge allows backers to select any 4 PDF back issues of Oubliette (worth up to $10.50).

The £12 pledge gets backers a full run of all 8 PDF back issues of Oubliette (worth $18.50).

That means that if you were thinking of picking up a full set of 8 issues anyway, for about the same money you could also get up to 3 pads of character sheets including UK delivery (+£5 for overseas).

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