Friday 27 July 2012

Oubliette Issue 8 Giveaway Results

The Oubliette Issue 8 giveaway ended earlier this week. I can report that we managed 1,561 downloads.  That beats the Issue 7 giveaway by just 51 copies so the growth has pretty much levelled off.  I am still really pleased with the numbers though.  There may be a seasonal factor involved too as looking across everything I sell on RPGNow they all sell less over the summer months.

I've started work on Issue 9 and plan to release it late November/early December.  I want Oubliette to run for a long time so I'm happy sticking to 2-3 issues per year, as I think it will be more sustainable at that rate.  There won't be a giveaway with Issue 9, but there will still be a launch promotion to reward existing readers and help attract new ones.

Sales of the Issue 5-8 Compilation are going very well.  I noticed this morning that have a 20% coupon SILVERUK (try just SILVER if you are not in the UK) that ends today, so if you've been waiting for one be quick.


  1. Those are great numbers. I need to pick up my compilation of 5-8. Congrats on the success.

  2. when is the next issue due out..?

    I need my fix!!!!