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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Character Sheets Update

I am planning to spend a bit of time this weekend working on extras to go with my printed pads of Character Sheets.  The campaign for the pads is running on Indiegogo - it has still got a good way to go to reach its goal, but it would only take another 25-30 backers to get it there.

Anyway, here are the extras that every backer will get in print and as a PDF.  Plus, as an extra incentive I will email the PDFs of these to all backers regardless of whether the campaign reaches its goal.
  1. Printed Pocket Mod containing everything required to create a first level B/X character including full 1st level spell descriptions.
  2. Printed Pocket Mod containing an expanded list of equipment complete with descriptions.
  3. A reworking of the classic 1978 Advanced Character Sheet (see details here and here), originally produced by Games Workshop.

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