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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

You know you're taking Stonehell too seriously ...

... when you download and avidly study an article on crocodiles as prep for the next game.

We had a great Stonehell session on Saturday, and managed to dispose of all (we hope) the lizardfolk on level 2 and take their shinies.  We wisely decided to leave their 8 pet crocs undisturbed, but now we're wondering whether we could drive them into the neighbouring hobgoblin area before we start exploring it.


  1. Crocodiles scare me! Warn the PCs to be careful!

  2. I'm not DM for this one but a player. Over the dozen sessions we've played, I've lost 4 characters in Stonehell. We're always careful, but the dice can be so cruel, and we play strict "save or die" and "death at zero HP".

  3. This is why I love being your DM; because, if only for a moment, you'll entertain the idea that something like crocodile herding in a dark confined space can somehow have a happy ending. It makes me want to brush your hair and sing softly to you. Fucking nutters.

    1. I thought it was a great idea but when you phrase it like that... Lol!

    2. New tactic - "Tenser's Floating Crocodile" (combination of sleep and floting disc), efectively gives you an underground Grav Tank that can be easily moved around the dungeon, and activated just by cancelling the disc to wake up one angry crocodile.

  4. As someone who loves the 1980 movie Alligator more than is healthy, I whole-heartily approve of both the plan AND the gravitic lizards!