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Friday, 25 November 2011

TMI (Too Much Information)

My immune system has been rather lackadaisical in its approach to keeping me healthy. I have been ill the last week. On Monday, I insisted on working and ended up snotting clear mucas on two ink drawings (both now on sale for exhorbitant prices, complete with artist's DNA(not really)). I'm in catch up mode now. For every mag we've done, I've always been ahead of the game. I hate being behind.

Tomorrow, Pete and I are going to Dragonmeet in London, which I'm very excited about. Of course, I shall be taking my sketch pad and finishing off the Sithakk illustrations in the evening. We're taking a camera, so stand by for some bloggage.

Proof reading continues apace, and we're confident that next week, Oubliette Issue 7 will be ready for release. Hurrah.


  1. Great. I should be easy to spot, I'll be the long-haired girl coughing into a sheet-sized hankie. Pete will be the one with the bell, shouting "Unclean!" to herald my approach.

  2. Have fun and try not to sneeze all over the people.

  3. "proofreading continues apace"
    Issue 3?

    Hope you feel better soon.

  4. Thank you Tim - most kind! I intend to take my anti-bacterial handwash so I can lave any victims of my inadvertent nasal outputs.

    Mike - something strange is definitely happening here! There's a phantom blogger messer-upper(that's a highly technical computer term)- which is making my seven appear as a three on your computer. It's happened on our computers a few times, where I've queried Pete's blog input and vice versa concerning the Issue numbers. I've got the number 7(seven)staring at me right now but I suspect you are perceiving a 3(three).

    The Twilight Zone (not to be confused with sparkly buttocked vampires) has definitely been entered.

    P.S. Thank you, I shall endeavour to get better even quicker now.

  5. Oh, no worries, the wayward digit is now displaying as a 7. I'm sure there is some gremlin or other at work. Creepy. ;)