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Saturday, 10 September 2011

Judges Guild Nostalgia Rush

I felt very lucky today when the postman delivered not one, but four gaming parcels.  A couple were sets of miniatures snagged on ebay, another was an item that I'll be reviewing in the next issue of Oubliette, and the final and largest one of the bundle contained these goodies:

I ordered them from Different Worlds Publications who have an enticing range of JG and other titles for sale on their website.  Best of all, many of them cost almost the same as their original prices from 30 odd years ago.  I have James at The Underdark Gazette to thank for posting about his recent purchases from Different Worlds, otherwise I would have never heard about them.


  1. Yep, thanks to James I have some stuff incoming too ;)

  2. *sigh* You people just aren't going to stop until I pick up a dead-tree copy of the Ready Ref Sheets to go with my PDF version, are you? ;)