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Friday, 2 September 2011

Heroica - Heroes and Baddies

I'm hoping to have a review of Lego Heroica in the next issue of Oubliette, but in the meantime, here's an image showing the range of different micro figures included in the range. One of the sets (Caverns of Nathuz) also includes some giant bats (which are not micro figures).

I think they look great, and I'm already dreaming up D&D stats for the Golem Lord and his Golem minions. However, given that there are 4 sets, I'd hoped that there would have been a wider range of monsters included. Hopefully, the range will grow with additional sets next year. They could actually do some very small encounter sets with half a dozen new micro figures, and a few new weapons and treasure items.


  1. Awesome. Heroica is the combination of two of the evilest drugs: dungeon crawling and Lego.
    Dark Druid is my favourite. :)

  2. Yeah the Dark Druid's another good one. Actually quite looking forward to doing a review of it.