Wednesday 17 August 2011

Open Doors

I've got various scribbled notes on dungeon doors, but they still need a bit more work before they are ready for inclusion in Oubliette.  This week, I got some more inspiration from news coverage of London looters being arrested.

Here's what you get when you roll a 1 to open doors:

and here's what happens when roll a 6:

These also made me think about including rules for metal rams and wrecking bars as tools in the dungeon.


  1. What happens if you roll 2-5?
    Or do you mean you succeed on 1, 2-5 fail but can try again, but 6 = fail and can't try again?

    How about this?

    Open Doors (1d10)
    1 = Door smashed in, off hinges.
    2 = Door kicked in, lock broken, hinges ok.
    3 = Door dented, -1 on future opening rolls
    4 = Kicked a hole in door, 1' across.
    5 = As 4, but your leg is stuck in the hole
    6 = Door shakes violently, dust comes down
    7 = Door is sturdy, you hurt your foot (1/3 movement for an hour or until healed)
    8 = Door now stuck, +2 to future opening rolls
    9 = Noise of failed door bashing brings extra random encounter check
    10 = Tried to kick door but slipped instead, fell and hurt your butt, dazed for 1d6 minutes and can't adventure until you recover.

    Add modifiers for very weak or strong doors.

  2. Most inspiring! The article I'm planning will cover different types of doors and locks so I'll almost certainly include some revised open doors rules and maybe a table or two.