Tuesday 23 August 2011

Aghast at Radagast

One of my players has a magic-user with a raven as a familiar.  We play with miniatures, and although I've got several wizard figures, I thought it would be cool to try and find one with a raven.  A few minutes on the internet turned up Radagast from Games Workshop's LOTR range.  If you'd asked me to guess the price of this single 28mm metal figure, I would have said £4, maybe £5.  The actual price is a shocking £7.70 or if you're in the US, that'll be $12.25 please.

I checked a couple of other places for prices of metal figures and, imported Reaper ones are £3.50 or £4.10 each, for most adventurers, and Otherworld Miniatures charge £10/£11 for 3 human-sized figures.  I then turned to ebay, and snagged a part-painted Games Workshop Radagast for £1.47 + postage.

Although I'm not a fan of Games Workshop, I might buy some figures and scenery pieces from them, but they seriously need to sort out their prices.


  1. You realise their LoTR figures are more 25mm than 28mm (I guess to stop people WICKEDLY interchanging LoTR orcs with Warahmmer orcs... or something)

  2. I think that the scenery works out pretty competitively, and some of it is very nice.

    But yes, I 'inherited' a whole bunch of LoTR figures, and was disappointed to find that they were very different in scale and style to the Warhammer figures. However, I'm increasingly growing less bothered about smallish (25mm-28mm) scale differences when using miniatures for roleplaying, or even when the miniatures are in different units when wargaming.

  3. If they're 25mm then that makes them seem even more expensive! I don't mind mixing figures from both scales and tend to look at them on a case-by-case basis. A lot of my figures are from the 80's so they are mostly 25mm anyway.

    I agree some of the scenery they do is far more reasonably priced and I may be tempted to get a box or two from them.

  4. that always was the problem with Games Workshop miniatures and was the reason why I never got into wargaming at all. (in my area it was Warhammer or nothing)
    They seem to believe that the higher the stats for a unit, the higher the price should be. To put it in a trope: Crack is cheaper.