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Monday, 22 June 2015

'Neath the Shadow Zine

+Kristian Richards of Crooked Staff Publishing kindly sent me an advance copy of his new zine 'Neath the Shadow last week. It's contents is intended for use with Kristian's The Age of Shadow RPG. However, almost all of it would be very easy to convert for use with other games.

The first thing that struck me is that this is very polished looking first issue. My advance copy is printed in black and white, but the PDF version on RPGNow is a full colour version. Anyone familiar with Kristian's other work will be well aware of his talent for producing maps, and you get four of them in this issue. The zine runs to 24 A5 pages plus the cover and contains the following:

  • The Hideout (mini-adventure)
  • Filiki's Axe (magic item)
  • Cavern Crawlers (monsters)
  • Arengar's House (encounter location)
  • Oath Rules
  • NPC Name Tables
  • What the Guards have to Say
My favourite article is the last one about Guards. It includes a map for a guard post that could be dropped into almost any dungeon. There's a simple table to determine how alert the guards, but the best part is the collection of six sample conversations that a party might overhear if they approach the guard post unobserved.

You can get the PDF of 'Neath the Shadows from RPGNow here:

and in print from Lulu here: