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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Pencil +1 New Magic Item

Little is known about the origins of these strange artifacts. They appear as normal writing instruments, apart from the fact that they are entirely black. Even the wood they are turned from is black to the core.
These are actually one of the Stretch Goals that has unlocked from my Gamer's Notebook Kickstarter campaign.
At £1,800 I will set my Dark Elves the task of producing hundreds of these magic pencils. Each will be marked to avoid getting them mixed up with lesser writing devices. The pencils will be finished in matt black paint and have black lead, a black eraser and a black metal ferrule. I considered printing on them in black as well, but that is a bit too Spinal Tap. Therefore, Pencil +1 will be printed on them in red or orange. 

Backers pledging for 2 or 3 pads will get 1 pencil added to their reward free of charge. 
Backers pledging for 5+ pads or a Bag/Box of Tricks will get 2 pencils added to their reward free of charge.

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