Monday 21 October 2013

New Bag of Tricks #2 Added to Kickstarter

All 10 of the Bag of Tricks #1 rewards were snapped up in the first 24 hours of my Kickstarter. I've now sourced some more Bags (pencil cases) and am proud to announce the Bag of Tricks #2 reward. It casts the same as the first one and includes the following:

  • Fabric zipped cream coloured
  • 8 A7 hex pads 
  • Lined A7 notepad
  • 6 fineliner pens (1 black and 5 assorted colours)
  • Folding ruler with fixed angle positions (random colour provided)
  • 2 Papermate mechanical pencils
  • 2 regular pencils
  • d6 pencil sharpener (random colour provided)  
  • 3d6 erasers (random colours provided)
  • Plus any stretch goal items as they are reached

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