Thursday 1 December 2011

Oubliette Issue 7 - OUT NOW!

Download your copy of Oubliette Issue 7 from, FREE for a limited time only!

Oubliette 7 Link


  1. Fantastic. Already downloaded. When you get the 8th one released will you be doing another compilation?

  2. Yay! And what Tim asked? about a Hardcover? It could even be a hardcover compilation of Issues 1-8 unless it's ridiculously expensive.

  3. Thanks guys.

    I'll definitely be doing a compilation of issues 5-8. Issue 8 should be out in April so the compilation will be a few weeks after that. I think I'll be keeping the compilations to just 4 issues each though. I don't have anything against putting them all in one book, but when I upgraded the DTP software to a new version I noticed that it messed up quite a few text block on older files. I've not lost anything but it would take a fair bit of work to fix them.

    I will look at hardback options though, as that should just need a slight alteration to the cover which is a seprate PDF file.

  4. Just been looking at my copy. A nice early White Dwarf vibe to it. Especially the little monster stat-block pics reminiscent of the Fiend Folio entries. Plus, really like the art work throughout. Good stuff.