Sunday 24 July 2011

Oubliette Issue 6 is nearly here!

Just finished the last of the artwork for this issue, and Pete has dropped it into place.

Proof-reading began last week. But the grind continues as we have a horror of leapers. Leapers are the pictures, headings, and spelling errors that leap out at you screaming, "NOOOOO!" once you've published the magazine. We try and minimize the existence of the leaper in Oubliette, but inevitably, as the proof-reading continues, unbidden, even months after, someone will say, "Dammit! Missed a capital here!" or "That should have been in italics!" resulting in much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Here below is the team, as we strive to filter out human error.


  1. Looking forward to this, leapers or no!

  2. ::Peeks in to see if it's here yet::

  3. Nearly! We're on our last load of corrections today...Malc, our main proof-reader has complained of a stabbing pain in his eye-could this be to do with the razor sharp wit of the mag or have we worked the poor man too hard?

    You'll get to decide in a matter of hours.

    Muahahahahahahaha(cue thunderclap).